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30 days for free,
then $199,99 $99,90/year
Watch the video of the morning facebuilding workout by Evgenia Baglyk
A facebuilding bot trainer is for you if:
Facial or deep wrinkles already appeared on your face
Your face often swells and eyebags appear
You have an asymmetrical face
You are worried about gray, dull skin color, and skincare products do not improve the situation
You don't want to resort to injection and other, more radical, methods of rejuvenation
How will your face change as a result of classes:
What is included in the trainer-bot?
The cost of training with a discount of 50%
We are 100% confident in the benefits of the service. Therefore, if you decide that the online-trainer did not fit for any reason within 14 days after the purchase, we will refund your money.
How does the service work?
You are paying for a subscription
You do excersises everyday
You get feedback from the coach and curators
You attend master classes monthly
You are seeing progress from month to month
30 days for free,
then $199,99 $99,90/year
Who conducts the training
Evgenia Baglyk
More than 12 years of experience in facebuilding
20000+ customers from 25 countries
Creator of the channel Jenya Baglyk Face School, which has more than 150,000 subscribers
Evgenia has trained more than 100 trainers
Author of the patented facebuilding technique
Founder of the international school "Jenya Baglyk Face School"
Author of the books "Facebuilding. Beauty and youth of the face", "Facebuilder's Workbook"
It's written about:
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Course program
1 month. Basic knowledge
  • Initial diagnostics
  • Introduction to Facebuilding
  • Learning breathing exercises
  • Practice of the basic exercises
2 month. Increasing difficulty
  • Intermediate diagnostics
  • Practice the learned exercises
  • Study of exercises of increased complexity
3 month. Advanced level
  • Intermediate diagnostics
  • Working out the exercises
  • Study of the exercises of increased complexity
4 month. Correction
  • Intermediate diagnostics
  • Facial relaxation techniques
  • Exercises for spot study
5 month. Fixing the result
  • Intermediate diagnostics
  • Supporting complexes
  • Correction of facial expressions
6 month. Making up your own complex
  • Final diagnostics
  • Basics of making a complex
  • Selection of exercises
In total: 180 classes, 6 diagnostics, a ready-made set of supportive exercises, private master classes and, of course, the face of your dreams!
Try the exercise right now!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trainer-bot?
Trainer-bot is a virtual trainer that sends you videos with exersices every day at a convenient time. He also reminds about classes, sends reports to the coaches for verification and invites them to private online meetings.

Personal facebuilding classes with an experienced trainer cost tens of thousands, and a month of personal classes with a trainer-bot has an affordable price and high efficiency, as it helps to make facebuilding a useful habit.
When will you see the result?
Usually, the effect of facebuilding becomes noticeable within a month after the start of training, but many of our students note visible results in 2 weeks after the start of classes with FaceGo!
How long does one training take?
Learning a new exercise takes no more than 3 minutes. Over time, you will create your own complex and will practice for 10-15 minutes at any time convenient for you.
How do I get feedback?
Our workouts are divided into blocks of 6 exercises. At the end of each block, you will receive a control task for completing all the exercises studied in the block. After recording a video of your workout and submitting it to the bot, within 24 hours you will receive a detailed response from the trainer with comments and recommendations.
Why do you need diagnostics?
Facebuilding does not change your face overnight, changes occur gradually, so it is very difficult to notice them in the mirror. But thanks to the monthly photo report, you will clearly see what you have already been able to achieve, and get motivated for further training.
Can I get a refund if you don't like the course?
Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. If within 14 days you realize that you do not like the training, we will refund the money in full.
30 days for free,
then $199,99 $99,90/year
Promotion will end in:
00 : 00 : 00 : 00
What our students say about us
Read the reviews about our service on Facebook, all our students are absolutely delighted with the results obtained and the work of the trainer-bot:
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What do I need to study with FaceGo?
The most important thing is the desire to become a better version of yourself. In addition, you will need: a phone with Telegram installed and a camera, Internet access and 10-15 minutes of free time every day. You will need a camera to record changes in your face.
What should I do if I don't like the classes?
Within 14 days from the date of subscription, you can return the money without explanation. If you feel that you do not want to continue classes much later, contact the curators. They will help you cancel your subscription.
How long does the effect of exercise last?
The effect of the exercises appears after 2 weeks. And it will take from 2 to 4 months to consolidate the result. And even if for some reason you take a break for 1-2 months, the result will remain. But if you quit classes altogether, then everything will return to the original stage. But there will be no deterioration after classes. Yet, there have been cases that some of the problems with the face were solved forever, even if people did not support the classes.
At what age can I start classes?
You can start classes from any age. Facebuilding allows you to correct facial features without contacting cosmetologists or plastic surgeons. At a more mature age, facebuilding will help smooth out age-related wrinkles. At a young age, the technique will work with facial wrinkles and will serve as a prevention from age-related problems.
After what time will I see the result?
You will see the first results in two weeks. The complexion will become even, the skin will gain density, the puffiness will go away, the eyelids and the second chin will tighten. By the end of the course, you will correct your facial features and will freeze with admiration from every look in the mirror!
Could it be dangerous or painful?
The excersises can become dangerous and painful if performed incorrectly. For each exercise, we carefully prescribe a text description of the execution and attach a video on which the teacher clearly shows the technique of the excersise. The risk of injury is minimal.
What happens if I don't complete one or two tasks?
If you have not reported on the task during the day, the Telegram bot will remind you of the need for a report. If you ignore the reminders, it will lead to a sad result - your subscription will be canceled and you will not be able to continue classes.
Does facebuilding have contraindications?
Yes, it has. Injuries and inflammation of the cervical vertebrae and jaw joints, inflammation of the facial or trigeminal nerve, unhealed wounds on the face and skin, headache, as well as fever.
How do I unsubscribe from the FaceGo trainer-bot?
4 days before the end of the subscription, you receive a monthly email from the Stripe service notifying you of the upcoming charge and containing a link to cancel the subscription. You can find the email by searching for the word "Facebook" and check the spam folder. If you can't use the mail, you need to write a letter to with a request to cancel the subscription.

Try FaceGo for 14 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back.
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